Foxconn Offers Destress Room To Halt The “Suicide Cluster”


The Foxconn workers are working hard to make Apple motherboards, iPhones, and all kinds of things for Apple everyday. Some of them have attempted suicide because of working pressure. Today, Foxconn starts to cure their lovely workers by introducing the “Destress Room”.

This non-stop suicide cluster at Foxconn has caused a total of 7 deaths in the year 2010. Foxconn workers are mistreated badly in freaking China. They get poor wages and ridiculously long hours for their job of producing gadgets we are using everyday. Some of them cannot carry on to live their lives with the strict policies during work so they choose to kill themselves by leaping from their dorms. And now, Foxconn provides a “Destress Room” for workers to reduce their stress and let them live happily ever after.


The above pic shows Foxconn employees having their meals. According to the media in China, they mentioned such factories consist of “Blood and Sweat” and “Fifty-Percent Military-Style Management”. With all sorts of hard work in the factory, workers are not just normal factory workers, they work under military style management, a bit similar as what the army soldiers need to obey for in a training camp.

To stop this suicide cluster, Foxconn firstly hired Buddhist monks to bless for the workers. Secondly, they provide a hotline of “78585″ in which brings a homophonic meaning “请帮我帮我” in Chinese for the workers. In English, it means “Please help me, help me”.

And third, Foxconn presents a “Soul Harbour Studio”. This studio is no joke. Inside it, workers get psychological counseling to minimize their working pressure. The “Destress Room” is also a part of this studio. This room provides a lot of fun for the stressed workers. By providing punching dolls in the room, Foxconn’s management guys are willing to put self-photos on the faces of punching dolls for workers to vent their anger.

Since there are over thousands of workers in the factory and most of them act like strangers, Foxconn has also got a brilliant solution to fix that. After the tragic “9-Jump” incident in the factory, Foxconn wants their workers to take care of each other like friends. So, they reward $1000 Chinese Yuan cash to workers who can recognise their colleague and mention their name.

All these stuff seems to be ridiculous but they are no joke. Well son, I think it’s time you learn where your iPhone comes from… Or your iPad…