Foxconn’s CEO Responds On The Suicide Tragedy

For the first time, 59yrs old Foxconn’s CEO, Gou Tai-ming, has finally respond on the suicide tragedy which had happened in Shenzhen, China. According to Taiwan’s media report, Gou told the press that Foxconn is not a ‘Sweatshop’, they are dealing with the case now and they will make every effort to stabilize the situation. One of Taiwan’s magazine report that Gou is inviting more monks to provide consolation for the suicide cases.

Important highlights on Gou’s respond :
We are definitely not a ‘Sweatshop’ manufacturer.
There are about 800,000 employees in China’s Foxconn, it is difficult for us to handle such a huge production team.
We have confidence to stabilize the whole situation.
Many of the management issues, we must only do it instead of saying it, but we have always done well on it.
the press media always ‘love’ to report Foxconn’s issues, if there are really problem behind the company, it already busted, it will not wait until now.
At the moment, a lot of things cannot be said. We are quietly doing (solving the case).

Foxconn’s CEO, Gou Tai-ming said that the press always ‘love’ to report his company issues. (Photo from Taiwan Apple Daily)
A Taiwan well-known weekly magazine has also reported that Gou is planning to invite the Master of Buddhist Association of China, leading another 30 monks to provide a higher grade of consolation for the suicide cases. They company will also provide more psychological counseling on their worker, and there will be music playing in the production line, to reduce worker’s stress.

Taiwan NEXT Magazine report that the Master of Buddhist Association of China, is visiting Foxconn end of this month.
We really hope that Foxconn can put a stop to this insane suicide tragedy, is enough for everybody. No matter which brand manufacturer or our consumer, nobody is going to see young workers killing themselves because of producing the latest gadget for the world. Early next month, Apple is going to to announce their latest generation iPhone, no consumer will feel happy if the 11th jump to take place.