Crazy Adapter Case Transforms iPod touch Into iPhone


Here is a way that you can easily change your iPod Touch to an iPhone. To do this, you will just need to purchase an iPod touch case, it is from China, and the manufacturer decided to name this case “Apple Peel 520″, and you can pre-order this case through taobao now!!! Just for $100RMB.


Update: Need More Money To Get the Apple Peel 520

In essence, this case is a communication module, it acquired a SIM card slot, battery and some other components. Apple Peel 520 is a made up of soft material, antenna situated on the bottom right corner. It also encounters the same problem associated with iPhone 4 Antenna Problem. As you hold the Antenna position, the signal will be affected, but it still works well normally.


As for the radiation of the phone, not much will be released due to iPod touch has the Metal shielding at the back. However, the radiation will still affect users when it turned around to its facade. The size of the Apple Peel 520 is 121×65x12.5mm, has a built-in 800mAh Battery, capable of endure for 120 hours in standby mode, and it can maintain for 4.5 hours while is in conservation.


The thickness of the iPod touch didn’t have too much differ when it has the Apple Peel 520 in.


Apple Peel 520 is not perfect, it didn’t equip a camera and some other general mobile phone functions, and also its GPRS function is still debugging.