iPhone 4 and iPad might launch in China at the same time

China Unicom’s insider revealed, talks on import iPhone 4 and iPad to China had ended, the launch date had decided. It is rumored that iPhone 4 and iPad will launch in China together on the 1st of September, and iPhone 3Gs of 8GB will be available for sale in Unicom’s network on the 1st of August.

Allegedly, Apple iPhone 4 has already obtained the domestic network access license, and iPhone 4 Unicom version is still in testing, expect the test goes about 1 week. At the moment, China Unicom temporarily not considering provide iPhone 4 individually. As for the price, a 16GB iPhone 4 with contract signed is priced at $5880RMB ($840), and 8GB iPhone 3Gs with contract signed is priced at $4999RMB ($714), and Apple iPad is expecting to sell at a market retail price of $3999RMB.

Source: uuzo