Amazing Photos From Shanghai Expo

These photos captured in Shanghai Expo are very awesome and beautiful!!! Lost for words.

A Super Large Baby Robot, it dare it will look imposing when I am actually in the scene.

This is inside of the Korean Pavilion, the interior design looks great, full of cultural atmosphere.

The UK Pavilion, doesn’t look like a building that existed in our world.

The view inside of the UK Pavilion.

Are those seeds inside the light tube?

Serbia Pavilion Night Views.

Overview of Shanghai City.

Outside of USA Pavilion.

Those graphics on the wall look very nice. Isn’t it?

The design of that car looks very special. Is this the future design that we are going to use it everyday in our life?

Wonderful Firework, light up the city.

What are the tourist taking?

This is the overview of the Danish Pavilion’s Pool with the Denmark’s Little Mermaid, which there had visitors swam in the pool and spotted by security camera.

On top of the Denmark’s Pavilion, there are bikes for people to ride.

Building up the exterior wall of the pavilion.

Russian Pavilion looks abstract but beautiful.

Shanghai Expo caused much more busy traffic in Shanghai.

I believe those are the armies that stand-by to protect the Expo.

Huge bike with large wheels on. Will this appear in Shanghai Street?

Acting as a group of Terracotta Warriors, just a bit funny that they put silk socks on their head.

Poland’s Pavilion, lots of interesting patterns.

She looks so beautiful with those flowers around her.

The design of the Iceland’s Pavilion look so COOL!!! I like it.

That is a robot which carried the cart of that man is sitting on. Seems like it won’t go too fast.

Cute Little Girl!!!

Absolutely brilliant!!!

Is this some kind of new technology?

Here is the Korean Pavilion, doesn’t catch my attention though.

Someone is Hiding!!!