Foxconn suicide jump return — part II

Part I happened on July 20. And now, another employee attempt to commit suicide at Foxconn. Luckily, it’s unsuccessful, thanks for the safety net which has surrounded the building.

China Business News reporter has confirmed the suicide’s news, the incident take place at Kunshan, JiangSu Province, not in Shenzhen. A female worker jumped down from the building early this morning, caught by the safety net, in the end she’s slightly injured. The cause of the suicide is being investigated, no comments from the police and authorities at the moment, while the Chinese mainstream media keeping the news at low key. We think that the suicide cluster from Foxconn will just keep going and going, non-stop … oh please, we really have enough for this. Click in for the Chinese video news report, sorry, no English subtitle.

UPDATE: Foxconn has confirmed the suicide death of the female worker, and this suicide is classified as the “13th jump”. This female worker, Miss Liu, is 22 years old and she’s from Jiangsu province. She started working in the Foxconn factory located in Kunshan since March 22 this year, and she’s been doing plastic spacers packaging in the factory. At first, the media at mainland China has been misleading the news, and it looks like they are trying to cover up the news… Apparently, only Hong Kong and Taiwan media say the truth.

The female workers from Foxconn factory.
The Foxconn factory at Kunshan, JiangSu Province.
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Source: YICAI.COM (post removed for no reasons…)