iPhone 4 Briefing at China Unicom Branch Office

The iPhone 4 is coming soon to China, and it seems like there』s some sort of team briefing happening at the branch office of China Unicomthese days. So, they are learning about the features of iPhone 4, suchas the A4 chip, Retina display, multitaking and the design. As far aswe know, China Unicom is getting ready to launch the iPhone 4 onSeptember 20. Check out for more photos of the briefing after the jump.

The briefing is held at the Guangzhou branch office of China Unicom.

All employees are required to attend the briefing…

The employees need to know how to differentiate an iPhone 4.


The incredible A4 chip used in iPhone 4!

They are learning the whole new way of multitasking…
Looking at this briefing, we are now pretty sure that China Unicomis bringing the iPhone 4 to the country very soon, we will just sitback and wait for the launch on September 20.