2010’s Best iPhone 4 Knockoff: The SoPhone


There are lots of iPhone 4 knockoffs in China, and all of them look similar to Apple’s iPhone 4 but this SoPhone here is probably the king of fake iPhones.

It looks bloody awesome, and we almost could not tell it is a knockoff at first sight. Other than imitating the appearance of the original, the knockoff makers have brought the device to the next level by including an UI which works just like the real thing. Yes, SoPhone has lots of features: “Multitasking”, search, and even moving “apps” into folders with drag-and-drop!

We could not believe our eyes. This SoPhone is the most similar clone of iPhone 4 ever, and here its specs and configuration: Powered by MTK6235 chipset, SoPhone comes with a 3.5-inch (480 X 320) capacitive touchscreen, 4GB of flash storage, front and rear camera with 2 megapixels, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and removable 1400mAh battery. The handset supports GSM and WCDMA, and it also includes the support of Java and WAP. Interestingly, it measures 115.2×58.6×9.3mm, which is exactly the same size as Apple’s iPhone 4. However, it lacks a retina display and does not include a micro SD card slot. Below is a video showing the side-to-side comparison with the original iPhone 4.

We found out that there’s one big advantage about the SoPhone, it fits in all iPhone 4 cases! So, wanna know how the knockoff makers describe the SoPhone? Well, they have a good humor sense by saying this phone was to salute to Steve Jobs. The price? 1380 Chinese yuan (about $209). It’s quite pricey, and I will only get one if it comes with Android.

Source: Sophone.com via Shanzhaiji

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