Mark Zuckerberg Spotted in Beijing!


Today’s breaking news is… Mark Zuckerberg is in China! Yes, this is real. The founder/CEO of Facebook and Time Magazine’s newly crowned Person of the Year has just been spotted at the head offices of Baidu in Beijing. Robin Li (founder of Baidu) gave Mark and his girlfriend Priscilla Chan a tour of the building, and they even have lunch together in the canteen. While we are wondering what Robin and Mark were meeting about, here’s what Baidu’s International Communications Director Kaiser Kuo tells us.

Kaiser Kuo says he did not get to meet Zuckerberg himself, and “rumors that Baidu is about to acquire Facebook are greatly exaggerated“. He later adds, “C’mon people. Robin and Mark have known each other for a while. Mark’s interest in China is well known. Keep the speculation in check.”

And Sina Tech on Weibo (China’s Twitter) reports: “Baidu employee Wang Mengchen took the following pictures during lunch of Robin Li and Mark Zuckerberg. Looks like they were having a great time!”



There are lots of Chinese netizens discussing about Mark’s trip to Beijing, and some of them are guessing that Baidu and Facebook may work together to create something new. Anyway, the meeting is a highly secretive one and Baidu employees said that they did not know anything about the visit. Here’s what we know for sure, Mark and Priscilla will celebrate Christmas in China!