Angry Birds Becomes Inflatable In Real Life (with video!)

Inflatable Angry Birds Game
Remember the Angry Birds real life carnival game? Not everyone could travel to Guangzhou to play it, and maybe you could try this inflatable Angry Birds game instead. How to play? Watch the video (00:50) after the break.

The whole set costs HK$128 (about $16), available for purchase at the flower market located in Victoria Park, Hong Kong. There’s no actual slingshot for you, all you have is a large elastic band which requires a person to hold it firmly. So, you can fire the inflatable birds at a bunch of inflatable piggies. Sounds pretty fun to us, specially suitable for free time. Other than Angry Birds, there’s another interesting item for sale, an inflatable iPhone 4 case.

Inflatable iPhone Case
It’s totally shockproof, and perfectly fits an iPhone 4 or even a 3GS, just HK$118 (about $15). There’s one printed with camera artwork on the back, which allows you to hold the whole thing horizontally to pretend as a camera. We will surely get one of these.

Source: Apple Daily (click here if you can’t access)