Google China’s Former President Gained More Popularity Across Weibo

Kai-Fu Lee, Google China’s former president, who had reached over 49 million of followers in Weibo on the last Sunday, and becomes the second micro-blogger, after sporting icon Liu Xiang.

On Lee’s Weibo, he had talked very much in regard of China and the worlds, company updates, hot issues of science and technology industry, college students’ development, and his own family life…

Silly Lee pretends to be Angry Bird during a special event of his new company (Innovation Works).

Micro-blog is becoming an influential society network to change everything, Lee mentioned, noting that it could serve as the best communication platform to tell the truth, safeguard people’s rights and interests and make friends.

Microblogging users in China mushroomed to 63.11 million, about 13.8 percent of China’s total 457 million netizens at the end of last year, according to a report from the China Internet Network Information Center.