Hands-on With The Phenomenal Pineapple CEO Action Figure (Ninja Edition)


Once upon a time, there is a “Pineapple” CEO in the tech industry. He is a phenomenal guy who likes to say ‘Boom!”. One day, he traveled to Japan for a vacation in Kyoto. As he was leaving Kyoto, airport security guards refused to let him bring ninja throwing stars onto his private jet. And today, he takes a medical leave. Everyone hopes he gets well, and if you want to see him in good shape, this is it, the Pineapple CEO action figure (ninja edition).

Many of you probably remember the phenomenal CEO figure which gets down to the detail and delivers an exceptionally well made sculpture of the rock-star in the tech industry. It shows the Pineapple CEO in his Levi’s jeans, black turtleneck, and NB sneakers. Everyone likes it, but due to copyrights and trademarks, it failed to made it to open market. Now, we would love to bring it back with extraordinary outfit. It looks super awesome.


The glasses has a great enhancement. The old glasses is too fragile and it may break when you are putting it on the CEO’s face. The new version is much more durable, the frame is firmly connected with the joining points, especially the middle part. Everything is in metal, except the lenses.

Another improvement is the transparency, the old glasses look “milky”, and the new version is shiny and clear.

There’s something interesting. The Pineapple CEO figurine stands on a funny-shaped platform. It has a cut-out on the left side.

Amazingly, there’s a hole on the top to insert another funny-shaped part. It may be weird, but some users may not think so.

Remember the speech bubbles? Yup, they are still included and you will get 5 pieces and a marker with the figure. And if you are not sure how the speech bubbles are attached to the figure, here’s how:

For those of you who are waiting for the real Pineapple CEO to be back from his medical leave, he is training his body now, he will fully recover with his ninja stars, and his body will get stronger from his ninja training, and he will be back!! If you miss him so much, you can head to M.I.C. store to purchase and shipping worldwide will take 2-3 weeks. The price? Just $89.90, plus $10 shipping. One more thing, it’s limited edition.

Update: Sold out!