iPad 2 Leather Case Hands-on & Video!

Ooops. we got an iPad 2 leather case from an Asian case supplier, and here’s what we know about the iPad 2:

Finally, we have some interesting updates for the much-rumoured iPad 2. Yup, we hope you enjoy the lengthy video above showing an in-depth examination of the iPad 2 leather case we got recently from a secret Asian case supplier, who does not wish his name to be written on our blog. So, the new iPad 2 leather case is indeed different. It does not fit our iPad, and we think it is designed for an iPad with tapered sides and a very flat back. Also, the case has a big space for the new upsized speaker and a camera hole which is roughly the same size as that of the iPhone 4 and bigger than that of the iPod touch. And out of our surprise, this case is similar to our old iPad case! Watch the side-by-side comparison below.

Well, both look the same to us (maybe from the same brand?), but taking a deeper look, we found something different. The iPad 2 case is designed to fit a flatter iPad, since the case does not have curvy corners to hold the current iPad as firmly as the old iPad case. We also found out that the new case is a little bit smaller than the old case, so this proves the iPad 2 will be smaller in size (not the screen). Oh, we almost forgot to mention, it has a bigger cutout for the upgraded speaker. Cool.

Other than getting this new iPad 2 leather case, we also managed to get some juicy info from the case supplier. First, this leather case is made, tried, and tested on an actual iPad 2 (no longer in prototype form). A total of 120,000 pieces were shipped out to United States from China during January. A famous case company ordered all these cases. We know who, but we are not allowed to say it here. Below are two nice renderings of the leather case we got from the case supplier.

Next, the case supplier has shown us the iPad 2 parts, and one of them is the new rear case, with no Apple logo on it yet. It does have a camera hole, and it looks pretty flat, and thin. We tried to take some photos, but the case supplier is not allowing us to do so. He said, it is ‘top secret’. Lastly, the supplier is willing to distribute some iPad 2 cases to us, and the leather case you seeing here will be available for purchase when iPad 2 is launched. If you are interested, feel free to look for us on Twitter.

Oh, one more thing. We asked the supplier about the iPhone nano. His answer? Apple is preparing it.