The New iHub Makes You Feel Like a True Apple Fanboy

This handy iHub does double duty as an USB hub and a collector item for every Apple fanboy. We know USB hubs are honestly nothing to get excited, but the iHub is different. It has a light-up Apple logo, giving you that warm, fuzzy feeling within. Watch the video below to see how geeky it is.


It is a 4-port USB hub. Supports Mac and PC. All kinds of USB gadgets can be charged through the iHub, however, there’s one problem. We noticed that the iPad is not charging through the iHub, while syncing is perfectly alright. What we like is that it comes with plastic enclosure complete with a super cool light-up Apple logo. What’s the price? $9.90, available in black or white. Just head to M.I.C. store for purchase. Windows users, we hope this thing suits you.

UPDATE: This iHub is no longer available for purchase! You folks should know what is the reason behind. (T_T) And the video below is password-protected! Apple :(