Xiaomi CEO Cannot Make Decision On His Own

CDMA or not? Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun had questioned himself over last night about whether his company to release a CDMA version Xiaomi phone or not. He is worrying the CDMA version will not be attractive and it could cause the company a great loss. Therefore, Lei Jun had established a poll on Sina Weibo to question its fans.

The poll (Sina Weibo) indicated 46.47% (12480) of fans say they don’t need a CDMA version Xiaomi while 37.95% (10191) say they need it, and the remaining say they have no opinion.

There is one major problem to release a CDMA version, the money. The company will need to throw a buck of money for the CDMA patent fees and a better processor. Therefore, Lei Jun hesitated to make the decision. Despite there are 46% indicated they don’t need it, there is 37.95% (10191 votes) saying they want it. The question comes to “is that enough to generate profit?”. If so, why not?

If you want to give out your helping hand for Lei Jun, please vote and tell us what you think down below.