China Bans Electric-Bike in Shenzhen!


This is definitely a bad decision that was made by the Chinese government to ban electric bikes. If you have been to China, then you must understand the electric bikes are as necessary as having chop-sticks. This ban will start from the 1st of July, the first place got banned is in Shenzhen.

So why China is banning the use of electric bikes in China? According to the Shenzhen traffic police bureau said, electric bikes are said to have caused more than 15% of accidents in 2010, resulting in 64 people dead and 233 injured. Is this really the cause?

Rather than having safety reason, the authorities also noted there was little nor no public input about the decision. However, a Shenzhen e-bike salesman told the Global Times that,
“I oppose the policy as it will bring great inconvenience to the public. The authority didn’t investigate the real traffic situation nor collect public opinions before making the policy.”

Apparently, this had already triggered public madness in Shenzhen. Even though, there are still some people agree with the authority’s decision.

With Xinhua news noted, there are 500,000 electric bicycles in Shenzhen currently. How long would it take for the ban works? What if they ignore the policy,penalty applied? Well, the people who buy the bicycles trusting that they will not be taken away.

Lastly, the Chinese Communist Party will celebrate its ninetieth anniversary on July 1st, is this how they celebrate?