More Thoughts About The “New” Mac Pro


Many of you will remember our previous story about the upcoming updates for Mac products. We are very excited about so many things coming out soon, and we have done an investigation into some details on the new Mac Pro.

The real mystery about the upcoming new Mac Pro is the new CPU. Our sources tell us that the new Mac Pro will have a new 8 core CPU. With hyper threading that gives it up to 16 threads per processor, allowing up to 32 processes to be executed at once on a dual CPU unit. Amazing!

This CPU is Apple only, and although Intel has an 8 core CPU on time frame for last quarter of this year, Apple has been given access to Intel Hardware far before the public in the past. The first MacBook Air is a good example. Also, consider that Intel ES (engineering samples) have been seen as far back as May.

Our sources indicate Apple is making headway with access to this technology, and they are investing heavily into the Mac Pro. Sandy Bridge will be integrated with the new Mac Pro CPU as well, but issues remain with the heat being produced by such powerful CPUs.


Also note that as per the other units, the recently released iMac and MacBook Pro, the soon-to-be-released Macbook Air and Mac mini, it will have a Thunderbolt port.

Few days ago, we saw on the Apple website that the Mac Pro was listed with the new Promise Thunderbolt RAID system. What was odd was it was listed with a Thunderbolt only enclosure, the current Mac Pro does not have a Thunderbolt port. Could Apple have let one of the updates slip? The picture was taken down quickly after.

the Pegasus RAID units showed up with Mac Pro on Apple’s website

Last but not least, you will notice the case has not changed. Our sources indicate that the units that are working right now have issues working under load with such powerful CPUs. The case is large to help with heat displacement, as these are professional machines. Under repeated tests, the units are getting extremely hot with the CPUs Apple is working with. As such a smaller form factor may not occur if this issue cannot be solved.