Chinese Man Brings MacBook Air Knockoff to China’s Real Apple Store for Help


The Genius Bar offers help and support for Apple products, but what if you have a fake Apple product and you terribly need help from an Apple Genius to fix your problems? Well, a Chinese cheapo did it and the Apple Genius really helped him. This cheapo made a trip to the Pudong Apple store in Shanghai, and he seems to have made an appointment with an Apple Genius, for hands-on diagnosis and troubleshooting on his MacBook Air knockoff. Man, this is the naughtiest thing you could do in an Apple store.

We are definitely sure this is a real Apple store. Why? First, the metal walls and the genius bar sign are authentic. Second, the Apple employees in the pic have names on their tags. So, please do not argue with us that this is a fake Apple store. And that MacBoook Air knockoff is exactly the same one we have reviewed long time ago. Impressive!