White Aluminum Keyboard Case for iPad 2

White Aluminum Keyboard Case for iPad 2

We love the Aluminum Keyboard Buddy Case for iPad 2. It’s an interesting accessory that doesn’t just protect your iPad screen, but also has a Bluetooth keyboard. It is something that may turn your iPad into a “MacBook Air”.

People seem to love it, but we don’t think so when we received an email from a gadget girl. This girl wants a white keyboard. We hear that, and today, we present you the white aluminum keyboard case. It is fashionable and we think girls would love it. Watch an ad after the break.

Nice? We definitely agree that white is brighter, the color makes you feel young. As we know, white electronics are one of Apple’s signature calling cards. People enjoy the white because it is reminiscent of the iPod, iMac G5, and the classic iBook. Before the release of the iPod, white electronics were few and far between. They are appealing because they have a clean, non-standard look. This “Signature Apple Style” still lives today, and looking at the popularity of the white iPhone 4 and iPad 2, there’s no need for us to have second thoughts on introducing a white version of the aluminum keyboard case.

First, this white version has no upgrades or changes, it is exactly the same as the original one, but different color. Keyboard is all white.

It matches the white iPad 2 perfectly.

The on/off switch and Bluetooth connection button are white too.

The central groove is white. You need to place the iPad (either in portrait or landscape mode) into the this central groove to position the iPad on the keyboard case.

Your iPad will stand firmly on the central groove.

Nice. (^O^)

This is how it looks when you place the iPad 2, screen down, into the Keyboard Case.

In “case mode”, there’s one flaw. The iPad will surely feels like it will slip out when you hold it in air. So, it may not be a perfect case, but it’s an ideal cover to protect the iPad screen.

This is how it looks when you are separating the iPad from the Keyboard Case. Oh, the Keyboard Case has a magnet in it to shut off/turn on the iPad just like the smart cover. Awesome.

The Verdict

With the new white color option, this Aluminum Keyboard Buddy Case for iPad 2 becomes suitable for girls. Guys may think it’s a cool Bluetooth keyboard case which features an aluminum outer casing that matches the iPad perfectly. Girls will think the chicklet-style white keyboard really matches the white iPad 2. Yeah, girls always like products that are white in color. So, it is white, it is fashionable, it suits girls, and it is only $50. There’s never been a better time to get a keyboard case for your iPad 2.

In stock at M.I.C. Store (Click here)(SOLD).