Is Wintek Producing the iPhone 5 Screen Right Now?

We already know that Apple’s iPhone 5 is coming soon, and the whole world of Apple fanboys is waiting leaks and updates regarding the next iPhone. Today, we came across a picture that’s probably showing workers of Wintek checking the touchscreens of the next iPhone. See bigger pic after the jump.

This pic is posted by a Sina Microblog (China’s Twitter-style service) user. From the pic, we see three things. The workers are wearing protective uniforms and masks. They seemed to be checking (or cleaning) the touchscreen component of iPhones. Previously, we reported that workers of Wintek getting poisoned during the production of Apple touchscreens by the N-Hexane cleaners. And there’s even a rumor saying that Wintek is using video cameras to monitor their poisoned workers. Today, we see these Wintek workers are still working hard to produce touchscreens for Apple. Great.

Looking deeper at the entire row of touchscreens , we see something different — the home button. According to 9to5mac, it’s an elongated gesture home button. Lastly, the size of the screen looks bigger than our iPhone 4 screen. So, this leads to us a new question, are we looking at the touchscreens of the next iPhone? Well, this could be it.

You may ask, how do we know these are Wintek workers? Well, someone replied to the original tweet on Sina Microblog, saying that this pic should be taken in the Wintek’s touchscreen plant. We believe that, since Foxconn will not ever leak a pic like this. We are not 100% sure this pic is taken in Wintek, but at least we can tell you that it’s not from Foxconn. Anyway, it looks like the next iPhone will be very interesting… Just imagine — gesture home button.