Xiaomi Smartphones Price List Exposed

The most curious question when you see Xiaomi Smartphone is probably the price, because it is so cheap at only $1999 yuans ($310) but still with decent hardware. We are going to take a look of its cost list after the break…

I think that it is the modern trend that young generation has been require the always money for high trends shopping and then purchase the mobile.

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Xiaomi Smartphone's Cost List
Xiaomi’s smartphone estimated cost
The list above is missing one component: Sharp 4-inch 16:9 FWVGA display for $181.83 Yuan.

iPhone 4's Cost
Apple’s iPhone 4 estimated cost
Noticeably, Xiaomi profits mainly relied on mobile internet, where its smartphone is less profitable. So what we see above is the cost of a Xiaomi Smartphone is $1130.68 Chinese yuans ($176.67 USD). As with the cost of an iPhone 4, it is around the same price, but slight lower at $1198.147 Chinese yuans ($187.51). In fact, the cost of an iPhone 4 has to be higher, however, the quantity of the order that they placed each time is huge, that’s why their cost can repress to that low.