China’s Biggest Apple Store Prepares to Open (UPDATED)

We previously reported that China’s next biggest Apple Store will be opening soon in Shanghai, and today, we see curtain’s off the store. That is a five story tall Apple retail store! Hooray! More pics after the jump!

UPDATE 2: First look inside the store!!!

UPDATE (Sept 20): The store is finally uncovered for first time. Apple is getting ready to open its Nanjing East store in Shanghai on September 23rd, and they will present a first public preview of the beautiful store to the press media on Sept 21st. Check out the photo gallery below!

Before Apple pulled off the curtains:

The locals are all surprised to see a new Apple retail store in the district,

Securities are seen guarding the store. And construction workers are bringing “stuff” into the store. The new five-story flagship store is located in the Henderson building on East Nanjing road (Shanghai’s most popular shopping district). It was originally due to open late August, but due to some building related issues as well as some heating/cooling and ventilation problems, the opening was postponed.

In the Henderson building, people are not allowed to go up the second floor.

This is what we see on the first floor. Everything is covered up. But if you look deeper, you can actually see something going on inside.

Apple’s signature wooden table!!!

Looking at the front doors of the Apple store from the top. Amazing!!!

Today, it looks like Apple solved the “problems” and pulled the curtains off. You may wonder, what will the five-story retail store contains? All we can say is that the lower two floors will be dominated by sales, and in particular the ground floor will be particularly important as it will be used for the super cool product launches. The second floor is going to have the Genius Bar, as well as customer training from the Apple Creative Team. As for the top three levels, there will be a briefing room for Apple’s super important business clients, and administrative offices for other Apple corporate employees in China.

The opening date? We’re hearing it is perhaps weeks from being open.