Xiaomi Phone Has Already Received Over 100,000 Pre-Orders! [Update]

You can now pre-order Xiaomi phone on their official website, but you may be disappointed that your order is placed behind over 100,000 people. If you order the phone now, Xiaomi is telling that you would probably need to wait until November or even later to receive it. We are stunned about this. Rather than that, we spotted some seemingly fake images of the “Next-gen Xiaomi Phone” and it is white.

Update: Xiaomi announced the company had received over 3 millions pre-orders until the Sep 6, and they decided to end pre-ordering in advance. Some customers will need to wait for longer to receive their phone, probably as late as December. The company will continue to manufacture more Xiaomi phone in order to satisfy the huge demand.

Next-gen Xiaomi Phone (Probably Fake)
Next-gen Xiaomi Phone (Probably Fake)
Personally, I don’t think Xiaomi will leak their second gen Xiaomi phone while the first gen still hasn’t send out yet. Those images were spotted on RenRen (Chinese version Facebook), and presumably they are made by some Xiaomi fanboys.