Steve Jobs Action Figure Placed at Jobs’ Grave and Apple’s Headquarters


We often post items from our tips box, and today when we’re checking our tips box, we came across something phenomenal.

A tipster sent us this photo showing the Steve Jobs action figure being placed beside a memorial book that says, ‘This register is dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs’. According to the tipster, he placed the Jobs action figure at Jobs’ final resting place — Alta Mesa Memorial Park in California. Full story after the break.

To note: Steve Jobs is buried at Alta Mesa Memorial Park in Palo Alto, California. According to the tipster, he brought along his Steve Jobs action figure and went to the cemetery, but he was told by the cemetery staff that Jobs’ family didn’t want them to tell anyone where he was buried. So, the cemetery staff let him sign a memorial book for the family. On the memorial book, there are signatures and personal messages that are written by visitors who came to the cemetery to honor Jobs. After signing the memorial book, he put Jobs’ sculpture beside the book. Well, we’re not sure if the action figure is still there (we sent an email to the tipster, and we’re waiting for his reply), but it’s actually surprising to see someone bringing the action figure to Jobs’ final resting place to pay respects to Jobs. Below is another photo that we received from another anonymous tipster.

Phenomenal huh? Apparently someone brought along his/her Steve Jobs action figure to Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. And guess what, the action figure is placed next to the “One Infinite Loop” sign. Awesome.

Today marks one year since the world lost Steve Jobs. Since Jobs’ passing, Apple fans around the world miss Jobs, and we really miss Jobs’ reality distortion field. Most of you might remember the Steve Jobs action figure that was released to the public in 2010 and it was created by us. Well, the action figure do look insanely like Jobs, but unfortunately it was discontinued when Apple lawyers got involved and ordered us to stop making and marketing the figurines of Apple’s CEO.

Later we ended up releasing a disguised Steve Jobs figure dressed as a ninja and marketed it as “Pineapple CEO” in 2011. However, Apple’s lawyers came a-calling once again. We promised Apple that we will no longer produce and sell Steve Jobs action figure to the world, however, many toy manufacturers have made Jobs action figure too. In fact, Apple fanboys are able to purchase Steve Jobs action figures from several places, but there’s one thing we need to clarify — we did not sell any more Steve Jobs action figures since February 17, 2011. So, we are not responsible for those Steve Jobs action figures that are selling in the market out there.

Just in case you liked, and miss, our Steve Jobs action figure, below are some photos of the action figure that are taken by those Apple fans who purchased from us.