Taiwan Pineapple Cake Copy iPhone’s Packaging

A bakery shop in Taiwan has finally introduced the ifood. The bakery shop is famous for making pineapple cake, a classic Taiwan traditional pastry, and their latest packaging box has similar designed to the Apple’s iPhone.

The bakery shop called it the ‘iFong’, the pronunciation of the word ‘Fong’ literally means pineapple fruit. Each box of ‘iFong’ contains 6 small pieces of pineapple cakes, price at NT$250 (US$8.30). The Taiwan bakery shop told the local press that having similar packaging designed like iPhone can attract more customers to purchase the pastry as gift-giving. More pics after the break.

The bakery shop will give you a Apple-like paper bag if you purchase two set of ‘iFong’.
The classic Taiwan traditional pineapple cake is a very popular pastry in Asia.
The bakery shop has another product called ‘iYou’, which has the similar packaging like Apple’s iPad.
‘iYou’ is a type of grapefruit cake origin from Taiwan, the shape of the pastry is like a pears.
‘iFong’ and ‘iYou’ have some cute and unique icon designed for the packaging.
Source: Apple Daily, Comte (in Chinese)