China Telecom May Launch CDMA Version of Xiaomi Phone

In December last year, Xiaomi sold out all of its inventory of 100,000 Xiaomi phones three hours after it was launched on its online store. Then, the company linked to a deal with China Unicom to sell subsidized Xiaomi Phone. And now, China Telecom will become the third sale channel for Xiaomi phone. So what will the CDMA version Xiaomi phone bring to us? More info after the break.

We don’t know too much details about China Telecom Xiaomi phone yet. The rumor hints it will support GSM/ WCDMA / CDMA2000 / WLAN network, might pre-load with MIUI 4.0, and its processor will change from the current Qualcomm MSM8260 to Qualcomm MSM8660, which is a 1.5GHz processor as well. We have no idea how much it will be, but its price will have at least ¥200 higher than GSM/WCDMA version, and we don’t think China Telecom will order as many units of Xiaomi phone as China Unicom did.

Previously, the CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun established a poll to ask its customers whether they want a CDMA version Xiaomi phone or not, and most of them said ‘Yes’. The support from its fans triggered Lei Jun to hummer down on producing a CDMA version Xiaomi Phone, and it is coming with China Telecom sometimes in the middle or at the end of next month, so it is unlikely to clash with the launch of CDMA iPhone 4S. The CDMA version iPhone 4S is reportedly released as early as the end of February.

Xiaomi Phone is currently available at ¥2699 (about $421) through China Unicom stores (up to 4,000!), but will be cheaper if purchased with either a ¥186 (about $29) monthly plan for two years or a ¥126 (about $20) monthly plan for three years. For customers who do not want to purchase the phone with contract, they can visit Xiaomi’s official online store to spend ¥1,999 (about $315) to buy the phone without a contract, but the phone may be sold out in a few hours.

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