Facebook Wants to Avoid Trademark Dispute in China


Apple’s recent iPad trademark dispute has caused concerns among international companies over the legitimacy of their own trademarks in China market. Social network giant Facebook has reportedly started registering relevant trademarks in China, yet found that some of these names, such as the Chinese translation of “Facebook”, have already been registered by domestic users …

Chinese intellectual property consultancy East IP says it has found myriad variations on the “Facebook” name, in English and Chinese, since being hired by Facebook to handle its trademark issues in China. The company was “collecting evidence”, adding that it was hoping to “reclaim these trademarks based on Facebook’s popularity and social awareness.”According to the Trademark Office of China, the social networking giant has already filing 61 trademark applications on the Facebook name since 2006, covering both English and Chinese translations.


Facebook has already filed the trademark of their company name in China.
Lawyers said trademark squatting was a problem in China, aided by agencies and domestic users who register hundreds of trademarks in the hope of turning a profit. These people who are out there snatching up intellectual property with no related interest, strictly from the standpoint of owning it as an investment. Look like the social networking titan doesn’t want to face trademark woes when they can success entering China market. The company, which is preparing for a $5 billion initial public offering, said recently it was contemplating re-entering China, after being blocked nearly three years ago.