The New iPad Launch Preparation at Hong Kong Apple Store


The Apple store in Hong Kong is gearing up for the launch of the new iPad. We have visited the store before the sales start at 8am local time. With just about 10 hours to go before the opening, Apple employees are busy preparing the setup, stocking in boxes of the new iPad and decorate new storefront for the customers. Apple (HK) has applied the online reserve and pick up method for purchasing the new iPad, only customer who receive an confirmation email at what time to pick up will be able to purchase the new iPad. Therefore, we do not see any lining up outside the Apple store …

The reserve and pick up method is to stop scalpers for hiring runners to line up for them. Some scalpers are still waiting outside the store, wishing Apple could sell them the new iPad for a walk-in purchase. We are not expecting too much queues outside Apple stores throughout the day, because customers are informed to pick up their new iPad at different time section. We have noticed the setting up of the new storefront is cautious, every details take up precise measurement, well Apple is always the perfectionist. And it is exciting to see boxes and boxes of the new iPad rolling in, stacking up on the shelf all ready for the die-hard Apple fans !

The working crew is changing new poster for the storefront.
The worker is peeling off the old ‘iPad 2′ window label.
The new iPad ‘Resolutionary’ poster.
Apple’s employees are busy preparing the setup of the new iPad.
The new iPads are rolling in to the store !
The working crew is preparing a new iPad to be place at the storefront,
it needs precise measurement for the correct placement !
Setup for the new iPad label sticker at the storefront’s window.
The label needs to stick on to the correct position, the crew has used a laser leveler !
More giant icon label for the storefront’s window.
The scalpers are camping outside the Apple store, local police are doing their inspections.