Modern Chinese Kids Are Using Expensive DSLR Camera


Apparently children from wealthy Chinese families these days are traveling with fancy DSLR cameras while on vacation. A Chinese web user recently published a series of photos showing a group of tourist children clutching expensive Canon and Nikon DSLRs and professional lenses. The sight of young kids strolling around with thousands of dollars worth of camera gear has caused a flurry of discussion on Chinese message boards, causing the photos to go viral. People are giving comments to the images as an example of China’s growing economic clout and of the rapidly growing gap between the rich and the poor …

Majority of rich Chinese parents are giving too much money to their kids and making life too easy for them. This doesn’t teach the offspring on how to survive in the society. The rich second generation has not only inherited a great deal of wealth from their affluent parents in China, they have inherited the label of spoiled heirs with little to responsibilities and an inclination to spend. Most are living off of their parents. Nowadays the young Chinese generation are easy to get pricey gadget on their hands, this has remind us the recent news on “Apple 3-Piece Set”. A college students made a fuss demanding to her parents, insisted on buying an iPhone 4S, new iPad, and Macbook for the new school year, so she won’t get humiliate.