Apple’s New iPad is Finally Coming To China

Apple had spent about 6 months in court to argue the use of iPad trademark with Proview. Finally, it has now been settled with $60 million of compensation. The New iPad could hit China as soon as July 27th, despite this is not confirmed by Apple yet. More details after the break.

It will be available for purchase in the Apple Stores in China and Suning electronics (one of the biggest consumer electronics retailers in China). We don’t think Apple will launch the 4G model in the country, because its tablet only supports the 4G network in U.S, and the 4G model has ran into trouble in Australia as well. As with the price, we’re expecting it to sell at the same price as the current iPad 2. After the New iPad launched in Hong Kong, the grey market reseller found difficulties to dismiss the stock of New iPad. The main reason for it is because the New iPad looks the same as the previous models. Chinese consumers don’t really care about the powerful hardware of the New iPad, all they care about is the look of the device, because that’s what make them look awesome and superior. And, it seems like the New iPad is not going to do good in China.