A Sexy Japanese Actress is Working at Google China ? (Video)


Guess what ? Chinese netizens have discovered a part-time Japanese actress working at Google ! The young and cute Ayaka Ikezawa is currently doing an internship in Google, a senior engineer of Google China has already admitted she is one of their staff, doing coding for Google map. This is really amazing ! Check out more info after the break.

Ayaka Ikezawa was born in 1991 (21 years-old), she graduated at Keio University in Japan. She was a part time model and actress in her hometown and has involved in advertising filming. She had filmed two series of video portrait when she was a teenage girl (sorry, no porn ! ). She loves to write code and her favorite developing tools are Espresso, Coteditor and Xcode. It’s unclear whether Google knew about her background before she became an intern for the company. Lots of Chinese netizen from the coding community are getting excited about her, it’s just too fantasy for a Japan sexy actress to become a female programmer, we think Ayaka needs to have a weibo account asap ! And yes, she has a twitter account: @ike728

Editor note: we have corrected the info on this post, Ayaka Ikezawa is not an AV porn star, she is just an actress from Japan’s entertainment industry, sorry for the misleading.