The Reborn of Steve Jobs in Hong Kong


To mark the first anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death, Madame Tussauds has revealed a new wax figure of the legendary technology pioneer this week in Hong Kong. The co-founder of Apple and brain behind the iPod, iPhone and iPad has portrayed in his trademark relaxed style, wearing a black cotton turtle neck, Levi’s 501 jeans and New Balance sneaker.

The pose shows Jobs with arms casually folded in front of him, head tilted slightly with a warm smile. The production team had also replicated a pair of Lunor spectacles which is previously custom made for Jobs. The wax figure has given the public the opportunity to pay some tribute to Steve Jobs who has helped to shape the world with technology. We have visited the museum personally and we are deeply impressed by the craftsmanship, the genius has indeed reborn in Asia …

The figure cost HK$1,500,000 (abt US$193,400) to create and a dedicated team of sculptors and hair and color artists have worked for three months to achieve the amazingly accurate likeness. We were really stunned by this lively wax figure, the hair, texture of the skin, beard and the hairstyle look so frekin real, and you can forget about the toy figurine we had made two years ago. Actually, we hope to see a presentation ceremony on the spot with Jobs’ family and Apple’s representative, but the PR from Madame Tussauds said they have no such plan for this, they just got the official approval from Apple and Jobs’ family. The figure will remain at Hong Kong until 26th November 2012, before traveling on to Bangkok and then Shanghai. We have been inform that there is no plan for presenting the figure in the west.