Iron Man 3 Box Office in China Breaks US$114 Million


The box office of Iron Man 3 in mainland China has successfully exceeded 700 million yuan (US$114 million), becoming the world’s second highest outside North America.

The Robert Downey Jr-starrer has become the Top 4 of Hollywood imported films, easily outpacing the “Mission Impossible 4″ and “Kung Fu Panda 2″. Iron Man 3’s remarkable performance had closed relation with the cooperation between Chinese DMG Entertainment Media company and Disney-Marvel.

The film exhibits a complementary double win cooperation between the Chinese company and the American Film producer by adding extra Chinese elements to the plot. Several minutes worth of extra China-centric footage — including product placement — was shot only for show in China. Audience reaction has been mixed on the extra scenes so far. Even so, China right now is swooning with Iron Man fever, the film has lit up China’s social media networks.