Tuesday, July 1, 2014

iPhone 7 + iOS 9 | Innovation

Amazing iPhone 7
iPhone 6 was good, but we want more. What new in iPhone 7? All iPhone owners want more and more. iPhone 5S with Touch ID. iPhone 6 with new 4.7-inch display and Touch ID 2 Gen. New iPhone 7 is expected to be more innovative as compare to its previous versions like iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S. The new iPhone 7 is believed to break this tradition, and may actually be constructed of a sturdy metallic material like aluminum and new plasma. Yes. 5.5-inch display + One the best display!

Apple iPhone 7 iOS: It is possible that iPhone 7 may come up with the new iOS 9. Apple's iOS 9 is expected to be launched after iOS 8.
Apple iPhone 7 Back Body: Rumors suggests that iPhone 7 will not have glass body anymore. This comes out as a aluminum to the iPhone 7 followers and fans. We wait black, not space gray color.
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