Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Review of iPhone 6. First week of life with the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Review - First Week With iPhone 6
Review of iPhone 6. IPhone 6 and its big brother 6 Plus iPhone went on sale in Russia. If you say that the new iPhone 6 has become very popular smartphone, it means nothing to say. Thousands of fans of iPhone 6 lined at sales locations of iPhone 6 in USA, Canada, Europe. Surprisingly, Europe is in a list of the countries where Apple has decided to allocate sales in priority. And they made ​​the right decision. IPhone 6 became the most desired smartphone in smartphone history. Someone will get a nice prize.

So, as iPhone 6 became my assistant for every day a little earlier, I can decide in conclusions and in the characterization of new iPhone 6 as a user for every day. If you still do not know whether you should buy it or not, here you will find a real iPhone 6 buyer and user. What can we say?

Smartphone from Apple is great and advanced, and most importantly is very comfortable. IPhone 6 lays in the hand very stable and comfortable. The button turn on/off located in a right high what make easily to turn on/off iPhone 6. Display and its quality make sense that you hold iPad Retina, the picture is very clear. It’s comfortable to read not just SMS, but books too. The battery holds more than 1.5 days, and this despite the fact that in first days I often turn on/ off my device, to admire its design. And what is it the camera, just perfect. If you go somewhere, you will need it. Canon, please, forgive me.

Conclusion: if you are looking replacement for your smartphone and can buy iPhone 6, do not hesitate, it is worth its money. But if you have bought iPhone 5s a couple months ago, and you do not have a huge need for a larger screen and improved camera shooting, you can safely wait until next year and iPhone 6s with his big brother iPhone 6s Plus.
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