Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why Everyone Wanted to Buy Mac, not Windows 10?

Mac or new Windows 10? Today I will start from the history. Maybe it is necessary. If you are not tired of these notes yet, I would like to suggest thinking on the topic- why do people buy Mac, and not Windows. As a former user of Windows (from 1995) I would like to remember the days when you had email address you didn’t know why you need it. If you had Skype you did not know who to talk to, because many people didn’t know what it is. And do you remember Napster, Emule, Altavista, HackZone? It is a history. It was Interesting times when you sent a virus, not to crack the account on Yahoo (Gmail did not existed yet), but just to see the reaction of your neighbor or friend. And who have bought ICQ number? From that time remained just BitTorrent.

The first computer which I have bought for $100 I had even in the old 1993. Then came more advanced times. PC with Windows 3.1, Windows 95, 98, Millenium. Then the most stable era had come in the history of Windows - Windows XP. After it quick and disastrous process of Windows in an era of slow death. (Windows 7 saved the situation, but then came sight something strange called Windows 8, maybe Windows 10 will be new).

By coincidence, I have bought my first MacBook Pro in the beginning of the distant 2009. At that time, it was the top model with an incredibly "cool" speed.

What immediately surprised me there was no antivirus. I still could not understand why there is no antivirus on Mac and firewall. I thought that it’s strange.

What else? Speed. Oh, yes. If you have suddenly decided to open several windows like Photoshop, mail and browser, do it all open at once? Yes, yes. That's right, and not with retard as it happens in W8 or W7.

We can talk a lot about the stability of PC, but on the first day of working on Mac, you begin to understand that the difference between Windows and Mac is becoming more and more.

.... And then Steve Jobs brought to the conference a laptop in an envelope, and the era of Air had begun.

I understand that I would like to change my 3year MacBook Air if I will see something revolutionary. Mac can serve 3, 5 years and not outdate, and a main thing it does NOT retard. You shouldn’t to reinstall OS each half a year because it was “sank” in the viruses or just started to work slowly.
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