Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Will you have enough space on iPhone 6 16GB?

Will you have enough space on iPhone 6 16GB?
We have discussed the article why Apple removed iPhone 6 32 GB version from the line. Now we would like to think about 16 GB version of iPhone 6. Will be enough 16 BG for comfortable life with iPhone 6?

To understand the reality we must to decide why I and you need iPhone6? For work, calls of for all together? Personally I like when it’s enough space in my smartphone for address book, pictures and music.

In my case I use 64 GB version and it’s enough for all directions. I have more than 3000 pictures, about 30 videos and about 500 songs. As I don’t play games on my iPhone (I have iPad for that) there is no many programs on my iPhone 6- just about 30. With all that I have 39 BG free memory on my 64 GB iPhone 6. It means that personally for me and my style of smartphone using it’s not enough 16 GB version.

To decide will be enough for you 16 GB version of iPhone necessary to know what you need. If you make calls, often browse the Internet and social networks, sometimes make pictures, and listen music but you have limited finances you must choose 16 GB version and enjoy your life. But if you often go on vacations, make a lot of pictures, like to have a lot of music with you then much better to choose 64 GB or 128 GB version.

I wish you to make a wise decision.
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