Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fake Smartphones. Part I.

Fake Smartphones

Today we open new category on GD with information about fake smartphones, fake manufactures or fake home pages. Today you can see first review. Ok. Let's go.

Xiaomi has been selling their devices exclusively through the Internet. In the third quarter of this year Xiaomi sold 18 million smartphones and was the third largest producer of mobile devices, behind only Apple and Samsung. Fraudsters have made this their findings - trade via the Internet, as if offering a quality product, grab the money and run away.

Recently, I came across two questionable firms - Linshof and Xodiom. They are notable for the fact that no one of them had never heard before, but they are suddenly introduced a smartphone with amazing features.

Linshof, for example, offers a smartphone with a 5-inch FullHD-screen, eight-processor clocked at 2.1GHz, three gigabytes of RAM, 80 GB storage, two cameras (front and 8 megapixel main 13-megapixel sensor with Sony) and support LTE. Design Smartphone - attractive. Price - $ 380.


Design of smartphone Xodiom easier, but even cooler features: 5.5-inch screen with technology Quad HD Super AMOLED (not otherwise by Samsung), Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 805, two cameras (5 and 16 megapixels). It costs US $ 329 for the version with 32 gigabytes of internal memory and 379 dollars for the 64-gigabyte version.

Of course, these beauties can not work on any KitKat. They installed Android Lollipop.

What's the problem with these smartphones? They do not exist. They are not shown on any show, money for their development is not collected on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. There are only painted pictures.

Xodiom sells your smartphone right now. You can pay by money order Wire Transfer (to shill), but you can - Bitcoin, even at a discount of 5%. PayPal (through which one could get the money back when the item is not delivered) "currently unavailable". Credit cards not accepted. Only questionable methods of payment.

Smartphone Linshof still not sold, but the "producer" offers to subscribe, through which he will inform the sales. There is no doubt that the methods of payment will be the same as that of Xodiom - bitcoins, transfers to an individual.

Sites of these companies performed beautifully. Maybe even better than some well-known manufacturers of smartphones like Samsung or Apple, but they do not have the contact details of companies, nor the names of their directors or stories about how to create their wonderful products.

These are just two fake company. Perhaps more of them. Undoubtedly, soon there will be more. Be careful, you are warned.
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