Thursday, January 29, 2015

Change iCloud Email On iPad, iPhone, How To

How to change iCloud email name or account on iPad, iPhone or Mac? - It is impossible in any way. Why? Because the address is tied to your account Apple ID. And for his change, you need to create a new iCloud account.

However, the yield is still there, if login geogre889@ (listed as an example) you're tired. For this purpose there are the so-called aliases, they can create a number of three pieces. And already given aliases to specify as your email address on forums, websites - yes anywhere! All letters will be sent to them, you get to the main post. By the way, a great way to combat spam. With a large number of it, enough to erase the alias. :) It's the best way for disable spam emails on your iCloud Email accounts.

How to remove email address iCloud?

You can't also :) The only option, simply stop using it (there is also the whole thing in relation to the notorious Apple ID). To do this in the settings of iCloud, move the slider to an inactive position. After that, the mail will not synchronize with the repository, but you can continue to use the email address. It turns out, just can not get rid of it.

As you can see, the mail iCloud com besides the obvious advantages, is not devoid of less obvious shortcomings. But to use it or not - it's up to you.
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