Monday, January 19, 2015

iPhone 5S Cases Review - Ducati Draco Ventare A.

Today you can buy a new iPhone 5s and immediately use it. But someone buying a brand new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c unwilling to take risks and buy Case for iPhone 5c. Why ?

Many users enjoy such modern smartphones without any cases. Others (especially the female audience) included with your smartphone purchase additional covers. But there is a separate type of users iPhone, which can not imagine your shiny new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5 without the bumpers. That's why there is a separate line of accessories that are suited for this kind of use.

We considered the company DRACOdesign first proposed such a kind of accessory (bumper) with a curved shape, and it plays a role not only jewelry, but also useful in practice - a smartphone with this cover fits the hand like a glove and very comfortable. I think, this approach to a new bumper iPhone 6 , which a lot of rumors and speculation.

So. Bumper for iPhone 5s or classic iPhone 5. What is so surprising about this really stylish bumper?

Pronounced inscription «Ducati» emblazoned on bumper Draco Ventare A good reason and attracts the attention of those who are close to you. This case was created by specialists DRACOdesign together with designers from Ducati, and it is based on forms of the Ducati 1199 Panigale S. Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati model introduced in 1199 Panigale S Senna, dedicated to the famous Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna. That red model Draco Ventare A with black accents very reminiscent memorable sportbike, which released a limited edition 161 copy.

The purpose of any bumper for iPhone - smartphone protection from damage. In this case, the side faces of Draco Ventare A machined from aircraft aluminum, and upper and lower bounds - is a strong black polycarbonate.

Although aluminum from falling on concrete, tile or asphalt crumpled and bent, polycarbonate is more stable and damps kick. Notice how accurately machined parts accessories - the company Apple " forced " to make all other products strive for the ideal quality. The quality of performance parts bumper for your iPhone at the highest level. No trace of casting or some other mass production errors.

SIM-tray proved strongly depressed, but it does not prevent you replace your SIM-Card.

Supplied unusual for this kind of accessories. You will receive a hex screwdriver needed for assembly / disassembly , formed in the shape of the stylus and the canister for a couple of spare bolts .

Also in the kit have an original Ducati neck strap and brand logo sticker Ducati aluminum . You can stick it on the aluminum back of his iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. Be careful as to unstick it from the aluminum back iPhone then it will be difficult .

The volume and enable / disable the iPhone work fine - click brings clear and original little sound . Transfer sound to silent little harder than without the bumper , but it does not bring any inconvenience. Turn off a little more complicated - with one hand to make it uncomfortable as a manufacturer " made ​​secure " so that users do not accidentally touched this tab .

Hold bumper handy palm feels comfortable.

And now is very important news for those who like to use the camera of your iPhone - bumper VERY greatly improves ease of use the iPhone camera when shooting. Taking photographs and videos will be much easier than without it. If you are going on a trip or vacation, it is worth to attach the strap and then firm, taking a smartphone, you do not worry that you might accidentally push and you lose your device. This is especially true when shooting on the move, when there are people here who can bring you problems. Remember riding on a boat in Venice, shot the video on the iPhone 5 and very worried that it does not fall into the water from a ship swing.

Weight of the bumper is only 20 g, which did not affect the ease of use.
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