Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Apple Watch Price in USA, UK.

Apple Watch Price in USA: Watch looks stylish, but it is expected from the appearance of a little more. No more curved displays, everything is very strictly and concisely. Watch form is very similar to the first iPhone, there's not the same steel body.


However, from this device did not lose, and maybe even the contrary, acquires a certain charm.

On the right side at the Watch is two controls. Bottom button Home, which returns to the screen with a list of applications. And on top of special "wheel" to scroll and there is one more button. This is the "wheel" need to scroll or ribbon tweeter, for example, increase or decrease the map in annex Maps.

Pretty handy thing when you consider that two fingers on a screen almost nothing can be done, and it is through them, you can zoom in and out pictures and maps on the iPhone and other devices Apple.

Ok. How much Apple Watch in USA and UK?

Apple Watch 38mm Price in USA: $349
Apple Watch 42mm Price in USA: $449

Apple Watch 38mm Price in UK: £309
Apple Watch 42mm Price in UK: £409
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