Friday, February 27, 2015

Bad iOS 7.0.6 Battery Life. What You Can Do To Fix It.

iOS 7.0.6 Battery Life

With Apple iPhone or iPad I forget what is "reboot", but sometimes, apparently, you need to reboot your iPhone or iPad. I think it's normal for smartphone. Some people who updated to iOS 7.0.6, have problems with battery life on your iDevices. I din't have this problem, because I after update, I always reboot my iPhone or iPad. You must read tutorials and guides. It's normal for battery life. But, what you should do for fix bad battery life after iO S7.06 update? :)

How To Reboot iPhone

1) The first thing to do - open the multitasking bar (by double-clicking on the iPhone Home button) and close all applications.
2) After that, you need to do a hard reset:
Simultaneously hold the Home button and the Power button until the device restarts and displays the logo of Apple!!!
3) That's all. Done. :) It's very simple.

P.S. I bought my first iPhone 5S (before it was only for Android) in mid-September,as included, since only rebooted a few times and then when I make jailbreak iOS 7 and install Cydia tweaks! My last Android Xperia S rebooted a few times a day and he still need to.... Apple respect.
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