Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cloud Backup Services, Cloud Storage for iPhone, iPad, Mac.

Are you ready for Cloud Backup Services? Today we want to tell you some things about Cloud Storage for iPhone, iPad, Mac. After registration, when the owner of the iPhone, iPad or Mac gets a free 5 GB of free Cloud Storage Services space. The scope of its Cloud Storage can always change by paying extra space. Using it, he keeps it back up important data stored on its devices.

Now no longer need to repeatedly run iTunes, iPhone to restore from a backup, as everything becomes much easier. Before connecting the charging iPhone or iPad and enabled Wi-Fi, a Cloud backup of all data created them completely automatically.

Cloud Backup Services:
general device settings (their copy is always stored in the cloud);
Individual arrangement of icons on the screen;
all messages (iMessage, SMS), to recover the lost at any time;
purchased music, books, television commercials;
arrays photos, video captured by the camera device (with this service at any time, you can go to the cloud and retrieve copies of everything that is important for the user);

Cloud Storage: 5GB, 20GB, 200GB, 1024GB.
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