Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cloud Computing Benefits, What is

Now we want to tell some thing about Cloud Computing Benefits. Yes, although clouds and stands at the forefront of computer technology, it is one of its most important properties. Here you are no new languages, complex configuration files, and many hours of sessions in the terminal to set all the Cloud Computing examples.

All that is offered within the cloud, accessible through the most simple API calls and protocols. Immense popularity won the so-called protocol REST, through which all operations on the data can be performed through the http-queries. However, may be used and many other solutions, moreover, are available for different ready libraries of programming languages.

HaaS (Hardware-aaS) – one of the first term, meaning the provision of some basic “iron” of functions and resources in the form of services. But instead of a direct lease hosting virtualization is used. Therefore, when it comes to specific hardware, to understand some abstract entities, similar to the real iron (place for storing, processing time equivalent of a real CPU, bandwidth).

IaaS (Infrastructure-aaS) – considered that the term has replaced HaaS, lifting it to a new level. For example – this is virtualization, load balancers, and similar systems underlying the construction of other systems.

SaaS (Communication-aaS) – meant that as services are provided communication services; usually it is IP-telephony, e-mail and instant communication (chat, IM).

All folks. Cloud Computing Examples + Benefits.
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