Monday, February 2, 2015

iOS 9 Errors + Bugs.

IOS 9 Errrors
iOS 9 Errors and bugs on iPhone + iPad: If you ask any Mac owner with experience, what operating system for Mac was the fast, easy and without bugs, he must surely will respond - OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. This version of Apple released a year after the release of "just Leopard", fix all known bugs (there were not so many), improved optimization - in general, Snow Leo really was almost ideal among the "desktop" operating systems. A mobile device can become so ideal coming iOS 9.

Do not want to once again to list all the iOS 9 bugs and errors encountered by users iOS 8. They have, and a lot of them, and go update problem is not solved. But in the new iOS 9 features, that's just a very, very many users do not hesitate traded them to increase the speed, smoothness and stability of their iOS 9 devices. When the gadget is bad, no chips and buns is not correct, even if these chips will be very abrupt and revolutionary.

And at Apple, it seems, is finally understood. In any case, insider says that the development of iOS 9 main focus is just on the very stability and optimization, but the iOS 9 new chips will be quite a bit. It's interesting, but we already know exactly how Apple is trying to achieve iOS 9 stability and optimization - just edging out the old device from the list suitable for the installation of a new version of iOS 9. In the case of iOS 8 company admitted blunders, leaving those "committed to the body," the old iPhone 4s, iPad 2 and the first iPad mini - for which he paid numerous accusations from the owners of these gadgets. This year is likely, Apple prevent such iOS 9 errors is not going to - the list is likely suitable for "iOS 9" will be limited to devices used in their 64-bit processor, that is, for example, iPhone 5 and 5c for iOS 9 no longer fit.

However, it is only speculation, but what actually come from Apple iOS 9 - find out in June when IOS 9 will be announced.
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