Monday, February 16, 2015

OS XI Release Date, Download Links, News, Features, Specs

iOS XI Desktop

OS XI Desktop Prototype.
iOS has remained virtually unchanged since its launch in 2007. Just home screen, scored square icons with rounded edges, and a dock with permanent icons at the bottom. Over time icons became glossier, shinier, more polished, detailed and with shadows. But there is nothing revolutionary. Same story is with OS X. The last grand redesign came in 2007 with "The Leopard", which gave us a lot of what we see today on our Mac. Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion added features: cloud integration, gesture, but it's an evolution, not a revolution.

OS 11 Safari

For five years we use touch screens of our smartphones, and personal computers, for some of us, exists about thirty years. And things like calendar, to-do-lists, notes, always bring us back to the times when this simple problem was solved with a pen and paper.

Time does not stand on one place. Symbol of the Forstolla era - an element of the design, known as skeuomorph, will remain on the sidelines. Skeuomorph ceased to be a distinctive feature and become a problem. It is a metaphor of the past, which stifles innovations.

"Sharp edges and flat surfaces probably will replace textures that are now everywhere," - said to New York Times one of the designers of Apple, who asked not to be named, talking about what we can expect from Jonathan Ive.

At the early distribution of Mac, iPhone and iPad skeuomorph was a necessary condition of acclimatization of users. But now simplicity of iOS, which makes it easy to understand, even to a child, is not compatible with the progress. We grew up on “swipe”, double tap and other gestures that can close or open the application in one time. In these gestures were born smart applications, such as, Clear. Their birth prompted that to solve some tasks on the touch screen is more pleasant than on paper.

The next era of Apple user interfaces will be based on touch and trackpad, which have become firmly associated with the correspond operating systems. The next generation of users may never know that a player, telephone with a disk, perhaps even notebook and paper will become something amazing and lost in the past. Apple design remove from these elements will be the right solution in the spirit of the times.

What do you expect from the new OS XI?

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