Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What is Cloud Computing Technology?

What is Cloud Computing Technology? First – Cloud Computing available over the Internet. Of course, there are also closed systems, but, as a rule, all you can touch through the network (in this case, “outside” cloud lends itself as a normal server).

The second Cloud Computing important point – this is virtualization. With virtualization, users get as many resources as they need (and, of course, how many can afford to buy). That is required by the server and how it can allocate such resources – all hidden behind the walls of virtual machines; they can work on hundreds or even thousands of servers, and often – and even in different data centers.

The third point: Cloud Computing – is the service. In the 60 years of computer time had to pay and wait for the free hours. Cloud Computing In a similar approach. Let stand in a queue is not necessary – all services are also charged separately. Cloud for the user – is a set of services that are consumed and paid for, and sometimes without the slightest idea what it is used internally.
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