Monday, March 16, 2015

Cloud Storage is safe for iPhone and iPad.

Cloud Storage is the best way for your lifestyle. Why? Google will default to encrypt data that is stored in the "cloud" services Cloud Storage. This service is intended primarily for storing large amounts of information business - customers Google.

Google has already enabled data encryption on the server side, for all new data loaded into Cloud Storage. The data have been downloaded before, the company will be encrypted in the near future. Such revision eliminates the need to enter their own encryption and decryption keys, as well as to take on the associated risk.

The data in Google Cloud Storage will be encrypted with a unique key using 128-bit encryption algorithm Advanced Encryption Standard, a key object will be protected another code copyright holder. Finally, all these additional keys are encrypted with one regular variable code. Moreover, customers Cloud Storage still can encrypt their own information practices before entering the vault.
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