Sunday, March 1, 2015

iPhone 7 Transparent Glass?

iPhone 7 Glass Unibody
Apple has patented a transparent glass iPhone 7. Currently difficult to imagine a real benefit from the device with a curved screen.The main reason for this may be unreliable device, consisting entirely of curved display, but in the future it is, these devices can be especially popular.

Today the Bureau of Patents and Trademark Office has issued several U.S. patents Apple and one of them describes the ability to create iPhone with curved body made ​​of transparent glass. The core of this device lies AMOLED-flexible display and a housing which is made of a transparent or translucent protective glass. Instead physical side buttons are used touch that will allow them to customize the layout.

iPhone 7 Pricing
Apple's decision provides an opportunity to display them even when locked on and off the display device. The housing can also be placed with the camera user's facial recognition technology. Of course, now create a similar device with high strength is not possible. But it's nice to know that Apple is working on such devices.
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