Sunday, April 12, 2015

Manage Apple ID, How To

Today we want recall for you some things about manage Apple ID. Don't forget that with Apple ID, you can:
1) Find iPhone (iPod Touch, iPad, or Mac) in the case of loss or theft;
2) Synchronize the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with iCloud;
3) Install free games and software from the App Store;
4) Buy games and software in the App Store and Mac App Store;
5) Buy music and video content in the iTunes Store.

4 most popular myths about Apple ID:

1. You can't register Apple ID account for free.
Account iTunes (it is the same Apple ID) is registered for free, if you are offered to create Apple ID for the money, such as buying a new iPhone, boldly refuse to register a new Apple ID will be able to own even a schoolboy.

2. You can create an Apple ID only with credit card.
There is a way to register Apple ID without a credit card. [How to]

3. You can't change and manage Apple ID.
Apple ID identifier can be changed at any time, from any device (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android-device, WP-device), all you need - access to the Internet.

4. If you have forgotten your Apple ID - you must throw out iPhone, iPad or Mac
In no case do not throw away or sell iPhone, if you have forgotten your Apple ID and do not have access to the mailbox to which it was recorded. Access to the Apple ID without much effort, you can restore when contacting support. It is enough to specify the data entered during registration, everything else will do for you support.
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